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  - Phone: 070-4040-3081
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  - 2016. 03. 01. Spring Semester begins
  - 2016. 07. 01. Free MBTI Class
  - 2016. 09. 01. Fall Inter/Residency recruitment

Frequently Asked Questions

  - What kind of services are provided?
  - Who is eligible to use the counseling center?
  - How long will I wait for the appointment?

To set up an appointment for counseling or coaching,
please fill out the form below and email it to

Counseling appointments:

   - All counselors are supervised by a licensed therapist. We have a sliding scale for counseling fees
   - Intern counselors: An intern counselor is a graduate student in the counseling program
       and is in the process of becoming a licensed therapist.
   - Resident counselors: A resident counselor has graduated with the master's degree.
       You can check the list of licenses at "Meet our staff" page.
   - Supervisor level counselor: A counselor has graduated with the doctoral degree.
       And is a licensed supervisor.

To apply for other services, please contact us at:
Phone: 070-4040-3081